Wondershare dr.fone - Repair (iOS) 9.6.3

Allows you to easily recover data from your iPhone, works with over 12 file formats

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    Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 10

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Wondershare is an excellent data recovery tool that will allow users to recover lost files that had previously been deleted from their iPhones.

Chances are pretty good that you or someone you know uses an iPhone. If so, then you will no doubt already be incredibly familiar with this all too common horror story. You love your iPhone. You put all of your precious files on it. And then, tragedy strikes! Whether on accident or some kind of malicious trick, one or more of your precious pictures, songs or other files is deleted. Gone! Vanished! Disappeared! Conventional wisdom tells you to hit undo or check the recycling bin, but since it is an iPhone and not an actual computer, those ideas are impossible. There is simply nothing you can do, right? Game over.

Except, luckily it's not. With the invention of bright, shiny iPhones that can store data of all kinds inevitably came the creation of programs that will help you recover files that, for one reason or another, were deleted. Of the numerous iPhone specific data recovery programs currently available on the market, Wondershare is one of the best know and best-trusted apps.

Wondershare is a data recover program that stands out among the others. First of all, Wondershare is a very powerful, feature-rich program. There are many unique and useful features that are showcased in Wondershare but remarkably, the whole program is only around 25 MB. On most Internet connection, the small file size means that the program is quickly downloaded. If you are in a hurry and need your files restored as soon as possible, this is a huge advantage.

Once Wondershare is up and running, you can easily recover deleted files without much complication. While other iPhone recovery programs are only really good for photos or texts, Wondershare is able to recover a whole slew of supported formats. So, if you've accidentally deleted photos, contacts, text messages or any number of files, Wondershare will be able to recover all of them. That isn't the extent of Wondershare's abilities, however. In addition to being able to recover any deleted vile, Wondershare also protects your phone in case of an improper update or even damage. Wondershare is also remarkably easy to use. It can be used directly from older iOS devices or even from previous iTunes syncs.

Wondershare is an excellent program that offers a vital service for iPhone users, but it is not without its own downsides. The biggest downside about Wondershare is that it does not always immediately recognize your iPhone device. For the most part, this issue is easily fixed with a few retries, but it is moments when you are particularly frustrated and already desperate to get your iPhone information back that this downside becomes most apparently.


  • This program is relatively small in size.
  • A whole slew of different file types can be recovered.
  • Your files will be protected against accidental deletion as well as faulty software updates and phone damage.


  • It may take a few tries before this program will recognize your iPhone.

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